About Us

We love Bitcoin. We are sure that at some point within your life, you might have heard of the phrase, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That expression has stuck with us the first day we heard it an odd 20 years ago. Why shouldn’t a person try to work for a job they love? After all, what could be better than doing something you’re not only genuinely good at but also an activity you adore!

Business and success are an excellent combination. Yet where did Crypto Trader originate? Simply put, our staff is located within Beverly Hills, California. The main three people involved with Crypto Trader went to high school together and got along excellently! It was nothing too extraordinary, just three brotherly students enjoying life together.

How We Got Started

By now, it should be apparent that we eventually got into the Bitcoin industry. Yet, how did that begin? We were all from Beverly Hills and wanted to earn money. It may sound simple and uninteresting, but this meager motivation was all we needed to succeed. We desired to buy expensive cars, attend lavish parties, and do other similar activities the top 1% can do.

Instead of going to college, the three of us decided to get into investments. At first, we started with the usual, owning a few minor shares in Ford, Apple, and other major stocks. We already had a good initial pool of money to start investing, but we needed a way to earn more. Eventually, we looked into something known as Bitcoin in 2015. It was the first cryptocurrency out there, and we decided to take a risk. We went all or nothing, considering we had no degrees or anything else to fall back onto except our parent’s wealth.

The Result

After investing thousands into Bitcoin, we waited around Beverly Hills. We helped work around our parents’ businesses, hoping to earn a lot from Bitcoin. Then, we were astonished! We saw it go from nearly $325 a share to almost $4,300 a share within two years! We kept monitoring it beforehand and kept noticing the general trend was going upward. However, we never expected to make so much. We decided to create an app focusing primarily on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to all of this success. All those years of waiting paid off, so hopefully, it can pay off for more people in the future!